Learn how to build watchOS apps for the masses


The Apple Watch is now the second best selling watch in the world, only behind Rolex, and it has one of the highest consumer electronics satisfaction ratings in the world, not only for a smartwatch.

With more and more people adding an Apple Watch to their wrist, it's now the time to take advantage of this opportunity to expand your existing iOS apps to work with the Apple Watch.

"Beginning WatchKit Development" is a new book by authors Cory Bohon and Kyle Richter, experienced iOS and Mac developers that teach this new iOS development topic with a style that's easy for experienced and new iOS developers to understand. This book tackles the fundamental topics of beginning a journey through watchOS development.  

This book covers each topic in an easy to digest format, with sample code that shows exactly how each item is implemented. In addition, as the reader goes throughout the publication, they will build a working iOS and watchOS app that will teach each of the fundamentals of WatchKit.


  • Chapter 0. Preface
  • Chapter 1. Introduction to WatchKit
  • Chapter 2. Testing on the Devices and the Simulator
  • Chapter 3. Designing for Apple Watch
  • Chapter 4. Advanced WatchKit Controls
  • Chapter 5. Multimedia on Apple Watch
  • Chapter 6. The Watch Connectivity Framework
  • Chapter 7. Building Complications with ClockKit
  • Chapter 8. Accessing the Sensors
  • Chapter 9. Animating UI Elements
  • Chapter 10. Alerts
  • Chapter 11. User Input
  • Chapter 12. Handoff to iOS Apps
  • Chapter 13. Building Dockable Apps
  • Chapter 14. Distributing WatchKit Applications
  • Appendix I. Building the Sample App